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Buying Guide: Shower Seals

Shower seals are an important component of any shower installation. They help to prevent water from leaking out of the shower area, keeping the surrounding surfaces dry and preventing water damage. However, with constant use, shower

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Screed Base vs Preformed Shower Trays

Uses of screed in Traditional Tiled Showers When installing a tiled shower in a ‘traditional’ way, a shower screeding technique is used to correct unlevelled floor, which otherwise would cause water runoff to pool into

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Buying Guide: DryFit™

In New Zealand, the second largest failure in leaking buildings is tile showers which closely follows cladding as number one. With that in mind, Newline has developed an unrivalled product called DryFit™ which offers a complete

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What is a Rollaway?

Rollaway: A perfect shower screen solution for tiny homes, rentals & even your home! Our Rollaway has been with us since 1982 and has rightfully so conquered a spot in our  Newline History Wall (and

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Choosing the Right Shower Door Hinges

Shower door hinges are an essential part of a shower enclosure as they provide support and stability to the shower door.  When choosing a shower door hinge replacement go for a reputable shower company, as

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Epoxy vs Cement Grout

You have decided to go for a tiled shower, and now you are on the predicament to choose between an epoxy grout or cement grout finish? Read on our article on the benefits and drawbacks of

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