Acrylic Showers

Newline is proud to bring our customers some of the finest acrylic showers NZ has to offer. Built using the highest quality acrylic and glass, an acrylic shower box by Newline is designed to maximise the space in your bathroom while creating an elegant, understated centrepiece and superior shower experience.

With a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes in stock, we are certain you will find an acrylic shower in our catalogue to suit your requirements. Acrylic showers are a versatile, attractive, highly durable alternative to tile showers. As well as being highly resistant to damage like cracks and chips and being very easy to maintain, acrylic showers are a more cost-effective option while still providing modern style to upgrade or create your perfect bathroom environment.

An acrylic shower box is a great way to go if your after durability; with a one-piece acrylic liner and solid reinforced tray they can withstand frequent use while still being aesthetically appealing. With features such as Enduroshield and sanitary grade acrylic on both the walls and tray, acrylic showers are easy to clean and look after long term.

All of Newline’s acrylic showers are hand-picked by our team from world-renowned, industry-leading designers. Product ranges like the Acclaim Acrylic, Ravello, Rhine , Marbella, and Anita are known around the globe. These showers are highly sought-after for their outstanding build quality, style, and unique features, offering the user the ultimate shower experience.

Catering to contemporary tastes, these showers are designed to maximise the available space in your bathroom while providing ample room to move inside the shower enclosure itself. Our range of acrylic showers includes a number of options with frameless glass doors that add to the sleek, minimalist aesthetic, while also making them easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you are a homeowner planning to upgrade your bathroom to suit your lifestyle or a designer looking to deliver a flawless, elegant bathroom design that will delight your clients, an acrylic shower from Newline is the perfect statement piece. Newline is a well recognised name in NZ’s red-hot construction industry and has a major focus on working with leading builders and developers to ensure they get the best quality products and service available.

Our team of experts is always ready to discuss your latest bathroom build, renovation, or upgrade. You can explore our range of acrylic showers online, request a quote, or contact us for more information.

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