• European Made Wall Liner
• Form Folded With No Joins
• Easy to Clean
• 10 Year Warranty

All Variations

SKUDescriptionSizeColourConfigurationHeightPriceAdd to Cart
M2698Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 750X750X1950mm750x750WhiteLH or RH1950$629.00
M2691Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 750X915X1950mm750x915WhiteLH or RH1950$659.00
M2721Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 820X820X1950mm820x820WhiteLH or RH1950$659.00
M8635Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 900x900x1950mm900x900WhiteLH or RH1950$559.00
M2639Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 915X915X1950mm915x915WhiteLH or RH1950$659.00
M2752Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 955X955X1950mm955x955WhiteLH or RH1950$709.00
M8710Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1000x1000x1950mm1000x1000WhiteLH or RH1950$659.00
M8159Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1000X1000X2000mm1000x1000WhiteLH or RH2000$639.00
M2844Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1055X1055X1950mm1015x1015WhiteLH or RH1950$709.00
M2783Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1055X1055X1950mm1055x1055WhiteLH or RH1950$639.00
M3909Acrylic Flat 2s Wall 1200x800x1950mm1200X800WhiteLH or RH1950$699.00
M8505Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1200x900x1950mm1200x900WhiteLH or RH1950$639.00
M6935Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1200x900x2000mm1200x900WhiteLH or RH2000$849.00
M2660Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1200X915X1950mm1200x915WhiteLH or RH1950$689.00
M5271Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1800x900x2000mm1800x900WhiteLH or RH2000$1,029.00
M5264Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1600x900x2000mm1600x900WhiteLH or RH2000$979.00
M5257Acrylic Flat 2S Wall 1400x900x2000mm1400x900WhiteLH or RH2000$939.00

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