• 10mm Safety Glass (NZ Standards AS/NZS 2208)
• Contemporary Frameless Design
• Heavy Duty Hardware
• 1960mm High Door and Returns
• 180 Degree Hinges, Doors Open In and Out
• Colour Upgrade Options Available
• Custom Options Available

All Variations

SKUDescriptionSizeConfigurationColourPriceAdd to Cart
ACC4Acclaim Tile 2s 900x1100mm Centre Waste Recessed LH Black900x1100RH or LHBlack$3,889.00
ACC4308.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 900x1100mm Centre Waste Recessed Black900x1100RH or LHBlack$3,889.00
ACC4469.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 900x900mm Centre Waste Recessed Black900x900RH or LHBlack$3,749.00
ACC4209.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 900x1000mm Centre Waste Recessed Black900x1000RH or LHBlack$3,809.00
ACC4384.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 900x1200mm Centre Waste Recessed Black900x1200RH or LHBlack$4,009.00
ACC2069.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1000x900mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1000x900RH or LHBlack$3,809.00
ACC1826.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1000x1000mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1000x1000RH or LHBlack$3,939.00
ACC1901.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1000x1100mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1000x1100RH or LHBlack$4,029.00
ACC1994.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1000x1200mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1000x1200RH or LHBlack$4,189.00
ACC2373.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1100x900mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1100x900RH or LHBlack$3,899.00
ACC2144.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1100x1000mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1100x1000RH or LHBlack$4,029.00
ACC2212.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1100x1100mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1100x1100RH or LHBlack$4,159.00
ACC2298.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1100x1200mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1100x1200RH or LHBlack$4,299.00
ACC2694.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1200x900mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1200x900RH or LHBlack$4,019.00
ACC2458.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1200x1000mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1200x1000RH or LHBlack$4,159.00
ACC2533.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1200x1100mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1200x1100RH or LHBlack$4,299.00
ACC2618.BKAcclaim Tile 2s 1200x1200mm Centre Waste Recessed Black1200x1200RH or LHBlack$4,439.00

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