• 10mm Safety Glass (NZ Standards AS/NZS 2208)
• Heavy Duty Hardware
• 1960mm High Door and Returns
• 180 Degree Hinges, Doors Open In and Out
• Colour Upgrade Options Available
• 40mm Low Profile Acrylic Tray
• Flat or Corner Mould Liner Options *protected and licensed under patent no. 529079

The Acclaim is a frameless glass shower, if the shower rose is pointed directly at the door, water leakage will occur. An acrylic seal package will help to prevent water spillage on the Acclaim Acrylic showers. Please refer to Accessories for these seals.

All Variations

SKUDescriptionColourConfigurationSizePriceAdd to Cart
AAC8005Acclaim Acrylic 2s 915x915mm Flat Wall ChromeChromeLH or RH915x915$3,569.00
AAC9370Acclaim Acrylic 2s 915x915mm Corner Mould ChromeChromeLH or RH915x915$3,819.00
AAC8012Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1000x1000mm Flat Wall ChromeChromeLH or RH1000x1000$3,639.00
AAC9387Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1000x1000mm Corner Mould ChromeChromeLH or RH1000x1000$3,859.00
AAC8029Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1200x915mm Flat Wall Chrome LHChromeLH1200x915$3,799.00
AAC8036Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1200x915mm Flat Wall Chrome RHChromeRH1200x915$3,799.00
AAC9394Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1200x915mm Corner Mould Chrome LHChromeLH1200x915$4,119.00
AAC9400Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1200x915mm Corner Mould Chrome RHChromeRH1200x915$4,119.00
AAC9759Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1500x915mm Flat Wall RH ChromeChromeRH1500x915$4,789.00
AAC9766Acclaim Acrylic 2s 1500x915mm Flat Wall LH ChromeChromeLH1500x915$4,789.00

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