• 10mm Safety Glass (NZ Standards AS/NZS 2208)
• 1950mm High Door and Returns
• Polished Alloy
• Custom Sizes Option Available
• 10 Years Warranty
• NZ Made

All Variations

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ACS0124.CR10mm Glass 1947x124mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$369.00
ACS0224.CR10mm Glass 1947x224mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$419.00
ACS0324.CR10mm Glass 1947x324mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$479.00
ACS0424.CR10mm Glass 1947x424mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$529.00
ACS0524.CR10mm Glass 1947x524mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$589.00
ACS0868.CR10mm Glass 1947x868mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$769.00
ACS0900.CR10mm Glass 1947x900mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$789.00
ACS0968.CR10mm Glass 1947x968mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$829.00
ACS1000.CR10mm Glass 1947x1000mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$849.00
ACS1068.CR10mm Glass 1947x1068mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$879.00
ACS1100.CR10mm Glass 1947x1100mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$899.00
ACS1168.CR10mm Glass 1947x1168mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$939.00
ACS1200.CR10mm Glass 1947x1200mm Includes Chrome ExtrusionsChrome$959.00

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