Newline has designed a revolutionary channel drain system to complement the innovative ProFinish Tile tray system.

Offering a sleek minimalistic approach to your stylish tile shower. Designed for everyday living, yet easy to access and clean. Available in high quality stainless steel cover, or a tile insert cover. Newline now offers a black finish to match your decor.

• Slimline Design
• High Quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
• Fast Water Drainage
• Reversible Channel Insert for a Stainless Steel or Tile Insert Option
• Black Powder Coated Option

All Variations

SKUDescriptionSizeColourPriceAdd to Cart
CHA0728Newline Channel Kit 710*70*20710x70x20Chrome$669.00
CHA0735Newline Channel Kit 810*70*20810x70x20Chrome$719.00
CHA0742Newline Channel Kit 910*70*20910x70x20Chrome$759.00
CHA0674Newline Channel Kit 1110*70*201110x70x20Chrome$839.00
CHA0681Newline Channel Kit 1310*70*201310x70x20Chrome$1,009.00
CHA0698Newline Channel Kit 1510*70*201510x70x20Chrome$1,179.00
CHA0704Newline Channel Kit 1710*70*201710x70x20Chrome$1,349.00
CHA0711Newline Channel Kit 1910*70*201910x70x20Chrome$1,689.00
CHA0803Newline Channel Kit 710*70*20 Black710x70x20Black$739.00
CHA0810Newline Channel Kit 810*70*20 Black810x70x20Black$799.00
CHA0827Newline Channel Kit 910*70*20 Black910x70x20Black$829.00
CHA0759Newline Channel Kit 1110*70*20 Black1110x70x20Black$929.00
CHA0766Newline Channel Kit 1310*70*20 Black1310x70x20Black$1,109.00
CHA0773Newline Channel Kit 1510*70*20 Black1510x70x20Black$1,299.00
CHA0780Newline Channel Kit 1710*70*20 Black1710x70x20Black$1,479.00
CHA0797Newline Channel Kit 1910*70*20 Black1910x70x20Black$1,859.00

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