• 6mm Safety Glass (NZ Standards AS/NZS 2208)
• Full Length Magnetic Seals
• Chrome Plated Slimline Handle
• Polished Alloy Semi Frameless Shower Unit
• 1900mm High Door and Returns
• Elegant Frameless Design Pivot Door
• Heavy Duty Chrome Plate Hardware
• Aquacheck Tray System to Prevent Water Damage
• 40mm Low Profile Acrylic Tray
• Flat, Side or Corner Mould Liner Options *protected and licensed under patent no. 529079

All Variations

SKUDescriptionSizeConfigurationColourPriceAdd to Cart
MAR9686Marbella Acrylic 3s 900x900mm Flat Wall900x900RH or LHChrome$3,099.00
MAR9693Marbella Acrylic 3s 900x900mm Side Moulded Wall900x900RH or LHChrome$3,459.00
MAR9709Marbella Acrylic 3s 900x900mm Corner Moulded Wall900x900RH or LHChrome$3,539.00
MAR9464Marbella Acrylic 3s 1000x1000mm Flat Wall1000x1000RH or LHChrome$3,169.00
MAR9488Marbella Acrylic 3s 1000x1000mm Side Moulded Wall1000x1000RH or LHChrome$3,529.00
MAR9495Marbella Acrylic 3s 1000x1000mm Corner Moulded Wall1000x1000RH or LHChrome$3,609.00
MAR9563Marbella Acrylic 3s 1200x915mm Flat Wall1200x915RH or LHChrome$3,749.00
MAR9570Marbella Acrylic 3s 1200x915mm Side Moulded Wall1200x915RH or LHChrome$4,109.00
MAR9587Marbella Acrylic 3s 1200x915mm Corner Moulded Wall1200x915RH or LHChrome$4,189.00

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