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Vesta Stage Two Development

Introduction: Grand Vesta Stage Two

TGC Homes is a prominent developer based in Dunedin, specializing in modern inner-city homes in great locations. Their commitment to innovation and design enables them to provide high-quality and affordable homes close to amenities throughout Dunedin. With a focus on building the right home in the right location at the right price, TGC Homes strives to turn property aspirations into reality.

One of TGC Homes’ latest projects is the Grand Vesta development, comprising 36 architecturally designed, freehold townhouses delivered in two stages. The development features 12 townhouses in Stage One and 24 townhouses in Stage Two, each thoughtfully designed to cater to residents’ lifestyles.

With a focus on minimal maintenance and luxurious finishes the Grand Vesta Development Stage Two has recently been completed in May 2023.

Identifying the Opportunity

For TGC Homes, sourcing the right materials and fixtures is crucial to ensuring the high-quality standards they strive for in their developments. In the process of planning Grand Vesta Stage Two, the team at TGC Homes recognized the importance of selecting reliable and aesthetically pleasing shower enclosures that would align with the overall design and functionality of the townhouses.  

After careful consideration and market research, TGC Homes came across Newline Showers, a reputable company known for their premium shower enclosures. The team at TGC Homes found that Newline Showers offered a diverse range of products, with designs that perfectly complemented the modern and luxurious feel of the Grand Vesta development. Moreover, Newline Showers’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction aligned with TGC Homes’ own values, making it an ideal choice for collaboration.

Engaging with Newline Showers

With the potential opportunity in mind, TGC Homes reached out to Newline Showers to explore a possible partnership for the supply of shower enclosures for Grand Vesta Stage Two. The initial engagement involved discussing the specific requirements of the development and understanding how Newline Showers could meet TGC Homes’ expectations in terms of design, functionality, and affordability. 

Newline Showers, known for their customer-centric approach, responded promptly to TGC Homes’ inquiry. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the project’s needs and provided tailored recommendations based on their extensive product knowledge and experience. The TGC Homes team was impressed by Newline Showers’ professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to collaborate closely to achieve the desired outcomes.

Benefits and Value Proposition

After careful evaluation, TGC Homes identified several key benefits of partnering with Newline Showers for the Grand Vesta Stage Two development:

Design and Aesthetics: Newline Showers offered a wide range of modern and stylish shower enclosures that perfectly matched the luxurious finishes and contemporary design of the townhouses. The sleek and elegant designs added an element of sophistication to the bathrooms, enhancing the overall appeal of the properties. 

Quality and Durability: Newline Showers had a solid reputation for delivering shower enclosures of exceptional quality and durability. TGC Homes recognized the importance of using durable materials that would withstand the demands of everyday use, ensuring longevity and customer satisfaction.

Functionality and Convenience: The shower enclosures provided by Newline Showers offered innovative features and practical solutions that catered to the needs of the residents. From easy-to-clean surfaces to seamless operation, the functional aspects of the enclosures enhanced the overall showering experience.

Reliable Partnership: TGC Homes valued the reliability and professionalism demonstrated by Newline Showers throughout the engagement process. They appreciated the open lines of communication, collaborative approach, and commitment to delivering products on time and to the highest standards.

George Hercus from TGC recounts how was his experience with Newline Showers: “TGC Homes uses Newline showers, shower install service and vanity’s in our developments because they tick all the boxes for TGC; wide offer, quality, well priced and a consistent high level of service. Newline’s team is great to deal with and I have found that they are always solutions focused when discussing our requirements”.



By recognizing the opportunity to collaborate with Newline Showers, TGC Homes successfully integrated high-quality shower enclosures into the Grand Vesta Stage Two development. The partnership with Newline Showers ensured that the bathrooms in each townhouse reflected the modern, luxurious, and functional design philosophy of TGC Homes.

Through their innovative and customer-focused approach, TGC Homes continues to build a reputation for delivering exceptional homes that exceed expectations. This seamless collaboration with Newline Showers served as a testament to TGC Homes’ commitment to providing their clients with the best possible products and finishes, further solidifying their position as a leading developer in the Dunedin market.

For companies seeking exceptional shower solutions that effortlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0508 639 5463. Visit TGC to be in the loop of their latest beautiful developments!

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