The Pros and Cons of Black Tapware/Shower Fittings

Black tapware and other shower fittings are a popular trend that has been dominating bathrooms for a few years now and it shows no signs of stopping. So, let’s dive into the pros of owning black tapware/fittings.

Pros of Black Tapware/Shower Fittings

 Visually Appealing 

Undeniably, black tapware and fittings add elegance, sophistication, and an edge to your bathroom design. Because they are different from the classic chrome or metallic look, they give an instant uplift to any wet room.

Competitive Cost

As matte black tapware and shower fittings are so popular, they are competitively priced to chrome or metallic ones. 

Flexible Design 

Black tapware/shower fittings tapware can suit most interior styles as black goes easily with most colour palettes. It complements white, neutrals and even bright colours. Therefore, making an easy design option for your next bathroom project! 


Cons of Black Tapware Fittings/Shower Fittings

Prone to discoloration

Most black tapware is manufactured with an electroplated finishing which will increase their lifetime, but unlike chrome, they are particularly susceptible to fading and discoloration – especially if they are directly exposed to sunlight.

Cleaning care

Always check your manufacturer care and cleaning instructions but as a rule of thumb, it is not recommended using any cleaners or wax based cleaners on your black or black tapware/fittings. Instead, clean it with mild soapy water and dry it well.

Limescale Water Issues

If you live in an area with hard water, then limescale will very likely be a re-occurring issue for your black tapware and shower fittings. In this case, it is important to not only regularly clean them with warm soapy water but also ensure that you dry your black tapware each time to prevent the watermarks.

To sum up, black tapware and shower fittings are a trend that has been dominating bathrooms for years now. They give a sophisticated and sleek look to any wet room and are easy to match and integrate with different colour palettes. On the downside, they are prone to discoloration, and may take some extra care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in comparison to the chromed taps.

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