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The Vulcan Apartments

The Vulcan Apartments, a prestigious two-tower development consisting of 38 freehold apartments, stands proudly in Auckland’s Victoria Quarter. Inspired by the site’s historical significance as an old metal foundry, the name “The Vulcan” pays tribute to the Roman God of Fire. Nestled at 1 Halsey Street, this architectural masterpiece exudes a distinctly New York vibe, harmonizing luxury with an urban setting.


Developed as a joint venture between Plutus Holdings Limited and Advantage Capital Limited, they  appointed The Building Intelligence Group to spearhead the design management and construction delivery of this project. This case study explores the use of Acclaim Tile Shower enclosures, supplied by Newline Showers, in this prestigious development.

The Opportunity: A Visionary Redevelopment

The opportunity to transform the former metal foundry into a luxurious residential space and mixed-commercial building presented a unique and visionary redevelopment prospect. The goal was to reimagine the site’s industrial past and bring it to life in a contemporary and sophisticated manner. The Vulcan Apartments aimed to become an iconic landmark, combining historical roots with modern elegance, offering residents an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Auckland.

Why The Vulcan Apartments Chose the Acclaim Shower

To fulfill their commitment to luxury and sophistication, The Vulcan Apartments sought to curate an exceptional living environment down to the smallest detail. Newline Showers emerged as the natural choice for the project due to their reputation for providing high-quality shower systems that enhance bathroom spaces.  The decision to partner with Newline Showers was driven by several key factors:


Premium Quality and Aesthetics: Newline Showers is renowned for manufacturing shower products using top-tier materials, ensuring durability, and offering a wide range of design options. The Vulcan aimed to create lavish bathrooms that exude elegance and Acclaim Showers’ products perfectly aligned with this vision.


Customization Options: The Acclaim Shower Range also had offered several options to the Vulcan apartments, including 2-sided, 3-sided, and neo configurations for tiled showers which allowed a seamless integration into the bathroom layout.

The Product

The Vulcan Apartments opted for our premium Acclaim Shower Range which brings in a minimalistic and modern design. With a contemporary frameless design, this shower enclosure offers plenty of space and comfort for its users with a 1960mm high door and returns.  With 180-degree hinges, the doors open in and out for easy access.  The showers chosen for this project had black finish hardware, but there are several colour options such as our brushed brass, gun metal, and brushed nickel.

Acclaim 3-Sided Tile Black

The Results: Elevating the Shower Experience

The implementation of Acclaim Showers’ luxury shower systems significantly elevated the bathroom spaces within each apartment.


Enhanced Aesthetics: The shower areas exuded an air of sophistication, thanks to Acclaim Showers’ elegant designs and premium finishes, effortlessly complementing the overall luxurious atmosphere of The Vulcan Apartments.


Exceptional Functionality: Acclaim Showers’ products delivered outstanding functionality, providing residents with an indulgent and comfortable shower experience.


Improved Property Value: The incorporation of high-quality Acclaim Showers products not only enhanced residents’ living experience but also positively impacted the overall property value of The Vulcan Apartments.


In conclusion, The Vulcan Apartments, with its luxury-focused vision, succeeded in creating an exceptional living space that seamlessly blended historical significance with contemporary elegance. By partnering with Newline Showers, the project further enhanced its reputation as a symbol of urban sophistication, ensuring that residents enjoyed a truly opulent living experience. The success of this collaboration serves as a testament to the significance of well-chosen partnerships in delivering an extraordinary residential development.

Vulcan Apartments

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