What are the Different Types of Acrylic Wall Liners?

If you’ve decided to go ahead with an acrylic shower enclosure, then it comes a time when you need to choose between a flat, a side mould, or a corner wall liner. 


While they come in different shapes and sizes, they are all predominantly made of 100% sanitary grade acrylic, which has in its composition additives that enhance resistance to chemicals and scratches, as well as providing more gloss and formability. 


Across all types of acrylic liners, you’ll notice that they come in different thicknesses, usually 2mm or 3mm, and in several different sizes such as 845 x 1800, 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000, and so on.  So, let’s dig into the different types of acrylic wall liners! 

Acrylic Wall Flat Liner

As the name suggests, the acrylic flat liner displays a flat surface with no joins. These can come in a 2-sided or 3-sided configuration. It is common for shower companies to offer customisable options for this kind of acrylic wall liner. 

2-Sided Acrylic Wall Liner
3-Sided Acrylic Wall Liner

Acrylic flat liners are quite elegant and lend a minimalistic look, they are also very easy to clean as they don’t have crevasses. However, they do not offer space for you to place your shampoo, conditioner, and other necessary toiletries.  So, you will need to leave those on the floor which can be a tripping hazard. 

Acrylic Side Mould Wall Liner

As the name suggests, this type of liner displays a shelf moulded into the acrylic wall liner, which is sculpted outwards. This type of acrylic shower liner provides you with storage for your toiletries but on the side, it does not lend the same modern and elegant look that a flat wall liner provides. A little bit harder to clean than the flat wall liner ones.  

2-Sided Acrylic Mould Wall Liner
3-Sided Acrylic Mould Wall Liner

Acrylic Corner Mould Wall Liner

Acrylic corner mould wall liners have extruded shelf holders into either the left or right corner of the shower, with glass shelves installed in it (these are usually detachable).  Great for a family, or a person who owns lot of toiletries, as the corner mould offer a lot of storage.  The only downside is that they are the hardest to clean out of the 3 different models, due to their corners. 

2-Sided Acrylic Corner Mould Wall Liner
3-Sided Acrylic Corner Mould Wall Liner

Overall, acrylic is one of the most durable and resistant materials, so you can expect your acrylic wall liners to last anything from 10 to 25 years from the day they were first installed. They don’t tend to chip, crack, or fade over time. Being a nonporous material means that acrylic cannot absorb any liquid or gas due to its construction making it a naturally waterproof material. 


In saying that, if your acrylic wall liner is not installed properly, you may have condensation or water getting between the wall and the liner. If this is happening, then you will have to replace your entire wall liner. 


We always recommend the use of a professional to install your acrylic shower wall liner. If you are doing it yourself, remember to always apply the adhesive right around the perimeter to eliminate any possibility of moisture behind the acrylic wall liner. 


Are you still unsure about which acrylic wall liner to choose? 

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