Acrylic vs Tiled Showers – Which is better?

This is a question we get asked often! So ‘Newline’ teamed up with ‘Bathroom Ideas NZ’ , the best independent bathroom guide in New Zealand to bring you some tips and advice that may assist you with this decision.

Whether a Tiled Shower or an Acrylic Shower is ‘better’ for you, depends on your priorities for your bathroom, the bathroom space / layout and your budget. Let’s dive into the details of both acrylic and tiled showers so you are better informed as you plan and prepare for your Bathroom Renovation. 

Acrylic Shower options have com a long way in recent years! With most quality suppliers offering ‘low profile’ acrylic bases, and near frameless shower glass, making them a more slimline and modern option that they once were. 

Regardless of what type of what type of shower you choose, Frameless Glass is a great way to modernise your shower area, create a more minimal and spacious feel, while avoiding hard to clean areas. 

Acrylic Showers are typically your most affordable Shower option. Acrylic Showers are often purchased as a ‘package’ (an acrylic base, acrylic wall liner, shower waste and shower glass), and are usually less labour intensive to install than Tiled Showers. If you are on a tight budget, then an Acrylic Shower will most likely be best suited for your space. 

Acrylic Showers are available in specific shapes and sizes, thus there is limited design flexibility with an Acrylic Shower and you do need to ensure that the sizes offered will work in your Bathroom as there is generally no scope for customisation. 

Some experienced ‘DIYers’ might be able to install the acrylic shower enclosure themselves, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the dot. However, the ‘Newline’ team and the ‘Bathroom Ideas’ team always recommend that it is best to have a professional install your Shower. Your shower enclosure is a critical part of your home, and you wouldn’t want to be dealing with future shower leaks caused by poor installation. 

Make sure you choose and Acrylic Shower from a reputable supplier, with good warranties and which is suitable for your bathroom space and requirements. Acrylic is on the most durable and resistant materials, so you should expect your shower enclosure to last 10 to 25 years. Always observe the manufacturer’s warranty information. 

Acrylic Shower do have another advantage over Tiled Showers other than price, and that is that they don’t require any grout so are usually very easy to clean and maintain. Clean your acrylic shower enclosure with a non-abrasive sponge, warm water and soap. It is important to not use abrasive cloths or sponges because they will scratch the acrylic. As acrylic cannot absorb any liquid, it is a naturally waterproof material and therefore prevents mould and mildew growth. 

If a Tile Shower is in the budget and on your wish list, Tile Showers can be a really great way to add ‘Wow Factor’ and modernise your bathroom. With thousands of tile options available in the market, the sky is the limit when it comes to tiled shower designs, colours and patterns.  

Tiled Showers are great at optimising your bathroom area, as you can make them any size you want – you are not restricted by a specific shower tray shape or size. 

Being custom, Tiled Showers are more labour intensive than other shower options, as they require a Builder, Waterproofer, Tiler and Shower Glass Installer. It always pays to get your waterproofing done by a Waterproofing Specialist, and your tiling done by a professional and experienced tiler. There is also a good chance you may require Building Consent if you opt for a Tiled Shower, which is an additional cost and not a small one.  As a ballpark, you can estimate that a Tiled Shower is double the cost of an Acrylic Shower – if not more. 

As tiled showers are a more luxurious option than acrylic showers, it is not surprise that they can be an additional selling point for a potential home buyer. 

In conclusion, acrylic showers are cheaper, easier to install and maintain. Meanwhile, tiled shower unlimited customisation and design options, which can consequently help to add ‘wow factor’ to your Bathroom and increase the value of your property. 

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