A revolutionary complete water containment system for tiled showers.


 No traditional waterproof membrane required.

 Single sheet acrylic liner is the waterproof membrane (like an acrylic shower).

 Solid resin tray with 40mm upstands on all 4 sides.

 Can be installed recessed or with a raised hob.

 Proven tiled shower solution.


■ Second largest failure in leaking buildings are tile showers which is closely follows cladding as number 1.

■ Traditional waterproofing membranes are fine, provided they are installed correctly. If not, it only needs a tiny flaw to leak, which wont be visible until substantial water damage occurs.

■ Over time old fashioned screed has the potential to crack due to movement. It is a sand and cement-based product with water added, which will shrink.

■ Grout is porous which enables the water to flow under the tiles. DryFit will contain all the water/moisture, directing it down the waste.


■ DryFit was co-designed and endorsed by “TANZ” Tile Association of NZ.

■ DryFit has back to back 30 year warranties. Both the product and the installation which is transferable to new home owners if the property is sold.

■ The DryFit system allows the tray and wall to move independently. Up to 20mm before any potential of water invasion.

■ Noteworthy architects are endorsing DryFit due to the unique ability to fully contain the water. DryFit has a proven track record on both multi level apartments and residential builds.

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