Everything You Need to Know About ProFinish™

What is a ProFinish™ Tile Tray System?

The ProFinish™  Tile Tray System is made in New Zealand from high density, environmentally safe, rigid polyurethane, and replaces the need for a traditional sand and cement sloped tile shower base.

This system offers unrivalled flexibility, as trays can be custom manufactured to suit individual requirements. ProFinish Trays are easy to install, can accommodate either a channel drains or standard tile waste, are suitable for above floor or recessed application, and can be manufactured to accommodate virtually any waste position. 

Once your wall lining has been installed the tray is glued to the floor and one continuous waterproofing membrane is covered over the floor, tray and up the walls. Then the whole enclosure is ready for your tiles to be adhered. You can check our Tile Tray Specs, DWG Files, and Instructions for ProFinish at our website: www.profinish.co.nz

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What is the difference between a ProFinish™ vs other Tile Over Trays?

ProFinish™  is a stable, closed cell product which is not prone to shrinkage or cracking. Combined with our ability to customize Profinish trays makes it an industry leader. The only curing time once the tray is installed is for the adhesive meaning the tray can be waterproofed the next day. This combined with its lightweight, rigid properties makes it ideal for multi-story applications on commercial projects. If you want to learn more about the different types of tile over trays then read our article on ‘What are the types of tile over shower trays?’

Other products from the ProFinish™ line

ProFinish™ Tile Shelf

Optimise your showering space by using a ProFinish™ Recessed Tile Shelf and Tile Footrest. These pre-made shelves are quick to install and save time building cavity recesses. ProFinish™ recessed shelves are made from a lightweight ridge polyurethane and come in 5 standard sizes.  You can check the entire range here. 

ProFinish™ Jigsaw System

The ProFinish™ Jigsaw Tile Tray System has been designed to enable tradespeople and experienced DIY’ers to customise a tray on site with speed and accuracy. The components are made from the same material as the ProFinish™ Tile Tray, and form a tile base by being butt joined and glued together to achieve the tray size and shape required. 

When glued to the floor the components provide an even slope for waterproofing and tiling over. Components will form trays with either a 60 x 60mm hob or for recessed application. The Jigsaw components are designed to create a tray for use with a standard tile waste, and the Wedge components are designed to fit a channel drain.

Is ProFinish™ for me?

ProFinish™ is for everyone, whether a home renovation or large multi-story complex. In both instances, Profinish is backed by a 20-Year Warranty to hold its shape and form when protected from moisture.

When used in renovations, the Profinish tray can be manufactured to match your existing waste location providing ease of installation without costly plumbing alterations. When used on a large scale, ProFinish can aid with accelerating your build programe by eliminating screed curing time.

How much can you expect to pay for ProFinish™ product?

ProFinish™ retails for approximately $650 per sqm, but please contact our team at [email protected] or call us on 0508 639 5463 if you would like a quote for your next project.

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