How much does a bathroom renovation cost in New Zealand in 2022?

If you are starting to save up for that bathroom renovation or already have some money put aside, then it pays off (pun intended) to know how much money you will likely need to renovate your bathroom in 2022.

Bathroom renovations are usually a complex process, as they involve several different traders like plumbers, tilers, and painters to name a few. Of course, the final price tag of your renovation will depend if you are going on a full-on reno mode or just minor tweaks. A major bathroom renovation would include modifying the layout of your bathroom, upgrading your shower fittings, flooring, fresh painting, and changes to your electrical and plumbing system. 

Today, you can expect to pay the following on average:

Basic Bathroom Renovations: $20,000 to $30,000

In a basic bathroom renovation, all your main fixtures should stay where they are because changing the layout will spike up the price, since more labour and material is required. 

Mid-Range Bathroom Renovations: $30,000 to $50,000

The most common bathroom renovation in New Zealand is the mid-range type. They usually include some changes in the current bathroom layout and upgrades on your bath, shower enclosure, or vanity. 

Custom Bathroom Renovations (high-end): $50,000 +

If you are prepared to spend more, there are several ways you can upgrade your bathroom. From creating customizable shower enclosures, countertops, and vanities to re-doing the layout of your bathroom and picking higher-end quality fixtures. 

Do I need a building consent to renovate my bathroom in New Zealand?

It is also important to note, that you may need a building consent to make certain changes in your bathroom. We recommend you use the online NZ Government’s Buildit tool to check if your project requires consent. Note the Buildit disclaimer which states “users are advised to seek independent professional advice before applying any information contained on this site to their circumstances. MBIE shall not be held liable for any claim for any loss or damage because of reliance on the information contained in this website”. 

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It is crucial to set aside at least 10-15% contingency for your bathroom renovation, in case you come across unexpected pipework that needs to be replaced or you have found any waterproof issues that need to be resolved before commencing your renovation. 


3 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation

Tip 1# Shop Around

 Shop around for alternative or affordable options. Although time-consuming, researching the different options out there might save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For example, instead of going for a pricey marble countertop, you may look to buy porcelain that mimics the look of marble or even create a marble-like effect with the epoxy application. 

Tip 2# Repurpose

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way! Sometimes just painting your bathroom walls or re-sanding and re-coating your cabinets with new paint will give a whole new fresh look to your bathroom. 

Tip 3# Don't change the layout

Keeping all the plumbing and pipework in place. Heavily modifying the layout of your bathroom will push the cost of the renovation up. If you want to update the toilet, sink, shower or bath, then just purchase new ones and fit them exactly where the previous ones were. 


Overall, this article outlines only rough estimates and you should always check what the total costs look like  with your preferred renovation provider. Happy renovating! 

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