Ideas to Add Extra Storage to Your Bathroom

If you share a bathroom space with others, chances are, you face the issue of shampoo and soap bottles, shavers and other products crowding your shower space. This is certainly not ideal – not only will your bathroom feel messy and disorganised; but crowded shower spaces, especially when wet, can present tripping hazards.

Luckily, this blog post explores ideas for you to consider before installing your shower to make the most of storage opportunities, as well as providing some handy tips to add storage to already existing showers.

Acrylic Showers Storage Options

If purchasing an acrylic shower, Newline offers both corner and side moulded wall options for extra storage. Side moulded showers feature a mould perpendicular to the door set, that is ideal for storing all those stray shampoo and soap bottles. Corner moulded showers are another option to maximise space in your acrylic shower, featuring modern-look glass shelves, that are perfect to store your shower essentials.

Source: Newline Showers

Tile Shower Storage Options

When installing a tiled shower, storage options are equally as important to consider – as they may impact the construction required within your shower space. This is because shower niches (the term for shelves in tiled showers) are built-in storage spaces within the shower wall – that are tiled over to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your tiled shower. TIP: Purchasing aesthetically appealing soap bottles can turn shower niches into a décor feature of your shower!

Source: Newline Showers

Adding storage to existing shower enclosures

While these ideas are great if you are considering shower storage for a new build or bathroom reno, adding storage to an already existing shower can be challenging. Additionally, it may seem overwhelming and expensive, especially if you feel that you need to replace your entire shower enclosure to meet your storage needs. However, there are a few simple ideas that can transform your shower into a tidy, organised space with ample storage.


Shower Caddies

A shower caddy is a simple, inexpensive way to add extra storage to your shower. Caddies are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, or bamboo, to suit your space. These can usually be suctioned to the wall, hung over the shower head, or suspended by a rod and a great for storing smaller, loose items.


Hooks can be hung in your shower or placed over the glass for additional storage. These can be used for hanging squeegees, mirrors, washcloths, and other items that tend to otherwise clog up valuable space.


If hanging space on your shower walls/glass isn’t an option, waterproof baskets can be used to place all your accessories in and kept tidily on the floor. Encouraging others to place soap/shampoos back into a floor basket will keep your shower organised and safe.

Exterior Shelves

If adding storage into your shower isn’t option, consider installing some wall shelves outside of your shower for extra space. Again, these can add a design feature to your bathroom, and be used to store soaps, towels, fragrances, and other products.

Overall, when you are next faced with a disorganized, messy shower, considering these storage options can bring order and elegance to your bathroom space.  No matter which option you head toward, ensure materials are water-resistant, and can withstand the humid environment of a shower. If you’re still unsure which option is best for you, feel free to reach out to our team on 0508 NEWLINE or email [email protected], for advice around the shower that will best suit you and your needs!


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