• Made from Lightweight Rigid Polyurethane
• Flexibility with the size, shape and drain position eliminates expensive structural floor changes.
• Can be installed onto solid timber, particle board, concrete or slate/tile sub floors.
• The Profinish installation process simplifies the resource consent procedure.
• Provides an instant slope for tiled showers while creating a professional finish.
• Custom options available

All Variations

SKUDescriptionSizeConfigurationColourPriceAdd to Cart
PRO8923Profinish Package Recessed 2s 870x870 Channel Drain870x870RH or LH-$1,369.00
PRO8930Profinish Package Recessed 2s 870x970 Channel Drain870x970RH or LH-$1,369.00
PRO8909Profinish Package Recessed 2s 870x1070 Channel Drain870x1070RH or LH-$1,369.00
PRO8916Profinish Package Recessed 2s 870x1170 Channel Drain870x1170RH or LH-$1,379.00
PRO8985Profinish Package Recessed 2s 970x870 Channel Drain970x870RH or LH-$1,439.00
PRO8992Profinish Package Recessed 2s 970x970 Channel Drain970x970RH or LH-$1,419.00
PRO8961Profinish Package Recessed 2s 970x1070 Channel Drain970x1070RH or LH-$1,489.00
PRO8978Profinish Package Recessed 2s 970x1170 Channel Drain970x1170RH or LH-$1,549.00
PRO8527Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1070x870 Channel Drain1070x870RH or LH-$1,419.00
PRO8534Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1070x970 Channel Drain1070x970RH or LH-$1,489.00
PRO8503Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1070x1070 Channel Drain1070x1070RH or LH-$1,559.00
PRO8510Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1070x1170 Channel Drain1070x1170RH or LH-$1,629.00
PRO8572Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1170x870 Channel Drain1170x870RH or LH-$1,559.00
PRO8589Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1170x970 Channel Drain1170x970RH or LH-$1,639.00
PRO8558Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1170x1070 Channel Drain1170x1070RH or LH-$1,719.00
PRO8565Profinish Package Recessed 2s 1170x1170 Channel Drain1170x1170RH or LH-$1,799.00

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