Anodised Aluminium vs Powder Coating in Shower Enclosure Frames

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Both anodised aluminium and powder coating are popular finishing options for metal products like shower frame enclosures. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so let’s compare anodized aluminium and powder coating in the context of shower frame enclosures:

Anodised Aluminium


Anodised aluminium is known for its exceptional durability. The anodizing process creates a hard surface layer that is resistant to corrosion, scratching, and wear. This makes it particularly suitable for environments like bathrooms where moisture and humidity are present

Colour Stability

Anodised aluminium is available in a range of colours, and the colour is integrated into the metal itself during the anodizing process. This means that the colour is less likely to fade or chip over time compared to some other finishing methods.


Anodised aluminium provides a sleek, modern appearance that can complement various interior design styles. The finish tends to be more subtle and metallic in nature.


Anodised aluminium is relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep it looking good.


Anodising can be more expensive than some other finishing methods due to the involved process and the quality of the finish it offers.

Powder Coating

Variety of Colours and Textures

Powder coating offers a highly versatile aluminium surface treatment option that range from matt, satin, gloss, and even textured finishes, as well as a wide range of colours. This flexibility allows you to match the shower enclosure’s aesthetics with the overall bathroom design.


Powder coating can provide a thicker and more consistent coating compared to anodizing, which can offer increased protection against impacts and abrasion.


Powder coating can achieve a more vibrant and colourful appearance compared to anodized aluminium. It can also mimic the look of other materials like wood or stone.

Application Process

Powder coating involves applying a dry powder onto the metal and then baking it to create a durable finish. This process generally produces less hazardous waste compared to traditional liquid paint methods.


While powder coating is generally durable, it might not be as resilient to scratching and chipping as anodised aluminium, particularly in high-traffic areas like shower enclosures.


Powder coating is generally less expensive than anodizing, making it a cost-effective option for achieving a wide range of finishes. Ultimately, the choice between anodised aluminium and powder coating for your shower frame enclosure depends on your priorities, budget, and the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of your bathroom.

Both options have their advantages, so it’s important to consider factors like durability, appearance, maintenance, and cost when making your decision.

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