What are the benefits of glass coating for your shower?

When buying a shower enclosure, you will have the option of untreated glass or coated/treated glass. As you would expect, a glass coated shower would be more expensive than an untreated one because you would be getting an upgraded feature on your shower enclosure.

If you decided later that you want to have your glass treated, then there are DYI glass coating treatment kits available in New Zealand, such as:

  1. EnduroShield Home Glass Treatment
  2. Clear-Fusion – DIY Kit 
  3. Showershield – Nano Protective Coating – Shower Protective Coating 


 Or alternatively, you may hire a professional later to do it for you.

Is it worth it to get my shower glass treated?

Well, we believe so. Glass coating helps to repel water, soap scum and the build-up of dirt, minerals, and oils. Treated glass also offers you more protection against scratches and stains. By repelling water and contaminants, your glass enclosure shower maintains its clean and clear appearance for longer. Not only that, but the glass coating also creates a stain and scratch-resistant layer

Glass coating treatments can last anything from 5 to 10 years, and a re-application of the glass coating product may be redone after this period. Usually when you purchase a shower enclosure, the manufacturer will tell you what the warranty period on the glass coating is – if the glass has lost its repelling properties before the warranty period make sure to contact the manufacturer and get it replaced.

It is important to notice, that even if you have your glass shower enclosure treated you will still need to regularly clean it to maintain your shower’s appearance. If you prefer to not have your shower glass treated then it is fine too, but just bear in mind that you will likely spend more time on your knees scrubbing and cleaning the glass.

For glass treated with EnduroShield is recommended you clean your glass shower enclosure once a week, with a damp microfiber cloth in vinegar or water and mild detergent. Always ensure that your read your shower manufacturer or supplier details for the proper care of your shower glass.


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