What is a Rollaway?

Rollaway: A perfect shower screen solution for tiny homes, rentals & even your home!

Our Rollaway has been with us since 1982 and has rightfully so conquered a spot in our  Newline History Wall (and hearts)! If you haven’t seen our wall, then check out our TikTok Channel where we show you a bit of the behind the scenes and of course… the results on how the wall ended up looking! 

Over the years, our beloved Rollaway has changed and evolved its design to nowadays becoming one of the best save spacing alternatives for people who want a shower screen that is durable, easy to use and will surely stand the test of time.  

The Rollaway is a retractable, semi-opaque shower screen that opens and closes its alloy frame, similarly to the operation of a roller blind.  Because a Rollaway is an affordable product, it is a great option if you are renovating your batch, a rental property or even… a tiny home! Yes, you’ve heard it right.   

Ok, so now that you know the whole history of a Rollaway, what’s the story with the Rollaway? 

Why Buy a Rollaway?

If we were to sum up a Rollaway in three words it would be: simple, effective, affordable.  A Rollaway is a smart and effective solution for your shower where your bathroom space is (very) limited, and a glass door is not an option – be it for budget or safety reasons.  When we mention the latter, we are referring to people who have tiny homes, or motor homes where is best recommended that you install either shower screens or shower curtains.  

In saying that, there is nothing wrong if you want to install your rollaway on your home or rental and this is because its design and colour is quite neutral and agreeable and therefore, easy to fit in with any bathroom. See below some pictures kindly provided by our friends at Build Tiny in some of their tiny homes:

Photo Source: Build Tiny

Can I customise my Rollaway?

The Rollaway can be customized to a height no taller than 1800mm to suit your needs. As for the colour,  it comes in a white alloy frame with semi opaque shower screen which cannot be customized.

How to Clean & Maintain My Rollaway?

Maintaining your Rollaway is easy as 1, 2, 3! 

You will just have to regularly clean it with a mild non-abrasive detergent, using a micro fibre cloth. Once it is done, then rinse off and dry! Job done. 

Don’t forget to clean your top and bottom rails, so that there is no build up of soap scum and water minerals. From time to time,  remember to lubricate with spray silicone your top and bottom rails so it can keep running smoothly. 

Lastly, the inside of the canister has a swinging door -just clip open and clean the wiper as shown in diagram to your right. 


Faulty goods are covered under warranty for 10 years.  Please check our Newline Warranty Information Document here for more information.  Note that breakages incurred during construction are not covered under warranty. All installations must conform to the instructions to be covered by the warranty.

Give us a call on 0508 639 5463 or email us at in[email protected] if you want to learn more about Rollaway. 

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