Which bathroom vanity is right for me?

Vanities are an essential piece in your bathroom – yet chances are you have just accepted the vanity you have without giving it much thought. But what if the vanity you have isn’t the best option for you and your family? There are many vanity styles out there, and they can be designed to have different functions to suit your needs best.  Vanities come in six basic types: pedestal, free-standing, floating, vessel, under mount sink, and corner. 


A pedestal/basin is the simplest and usually the most affordable type. It offers a simple but effective solution as it is easy to install and it takes little space from your bathroom. This type of vanity is a great option for a simple bathroom, and they are easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, pedestal sinks are short on storage as they have no counter space or storage.


Free-Standing or Floor Vanities

These vanities have a minimalistic profile. They are available in different shapes such as oval, round, rectangular, and square. The latest two are the most common sizes. Free Standing or Floor Vanities can have one single sink or two sinks – which are a great option for master bedrooms. The cons of floor vanities are that they take up a lot of space in your bathroom and may make the bathroom look smaller.

Free Standing Vanity

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Floating or Wall-Hung Vanities

Wall-hung vanities give the impression they are ‘floating’ and lend a modern look to your bathroom as well as extra floor space underneath. The floating vanities give the impression that your bathroom is bigger, and it makes the cleaning of your floor easier. The cons of wall-hung vanities are that they offer less storage space rather than floor vanities and they may require you to reinforce your bathroom wall if it is not structurally strong enough.

Floating or Wall hung Vanity

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Vessel Sink Vanities

This vanity style has a basin that sits above your countertop and has a separate tap. Vessel sinks vanities have different styles ranging from traditional to modern and with single or double sink options. These are easier to swap out than an under-mounted sink vanity, which is typically wedged and sealed beneath the countertop. The cons of vessel sink vanities are that if improperly installed, they may present instability issues and not work well with children, who will likely attempt to grab onto the sides of the sink to pull themselves up. It is also important to get the right combination and height between the sink and faucet to minimise any water splashing.


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Under-Mounted Sink Vanities

An under-mounted sink features a built-in basin below the countertop of your vanity. This style offers a modern look and offers more counter space but on the other hand, they take up more of the cabinet space. The under-mounted sink vanities are more complex to install, as the sink needs to fit perfectly with the cut-out of the countertop.


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Corner Vanities

Corner vanities are like free-standing vanities and floor vanities, but as the name suggests they sit at the corner of your bathroom. They offer a good space-saving solution for its location and offer the same benefits of a free-standing floor vanity with plenty of space for the storage of your bathroom items. Corner vanities can be more difficult to install as they may require a more customized installation process. 


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