Buying Guide: Shower Seals

Shower seals are an important component of any shower installation. They help to prevent water from leaking out of the shower area, keeping the surrounding surfaces dry and preventing water damage. However, with constant use, shower seals lose their ability to deflect the water and absorb the shock of opening and closing a shower door and therefore, they must eventually be replaced.  If it is time for you to replace your shower seal but you don’t know where to start, then this is the right Buying Guide for you!

What are the types of shower seals?

First things first, it is important to know that there are several types of shower seals out there, and so it is important to match the correct shower seal for a perfect replacement! Shower seals in New Zealand are usually made of: 

Translucent PVC

PVC Strip seals are by far the most common and most used shower seals in New Zealand. They are made of a plastic material that is flexible, easy to install and clean. They are also a very popular choice because they are very affordable and effective.


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Silicone Seals

Silicone shower seals are another popular option. They are flexible, which makes them ideal for use on curved surfaces. They are also resistant to mould and mildew, making them a great choice for humid environments.

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Magnetic Seals

Magnetic seals are mostly made out of translucent PVC but have a magnetic strip inserted in them, which allows for a tight and waterproof seal connection. Magnetic shower door seals are usually used on curved shower enclosures. 


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How often should shower seals be replaced?

We recommend you replace your shower seals every two years for best performance, or earlier if your shower seal is damaged.


How to Choose Your Shower Door Seal Replacement

If you want an in-depth guide on How To Replace Your Shower Seal then read our latest blog here, otherwise follow our easy 3-Step Guide. 

Price of Shower Seals

The cost of shower seals in New Zealand can vary depending on the type, shape, and size of the seal. On average, you can expect to pay between $10 and $50 for a shower seal. PVC shower seals are usually the most affordable option, while silicone and magnetic shower seals tend to be more expensive.  

In Conclusion

To sum up, shower seals are an essential component of any bathroom. They help to prevent water leakage and maintain the integrity of your shower enclosure. There are several types of shower seals available in New Zealand, including PVC, silicone, and magnetic seals. These seals come in different shapes and sizes to suit a range of shower doors. When purchasing a shower seal, it’s important to consider the type, shape, and cost to ensure you get the best value for your money.

If you are still unsure as to what type of shower seal is suitable for your shower door, then feel free to download our Universal Parts Catalogue and give our friendly team a call on 0508 639 5463 to get this sorted for you today! 

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