How to decorate your small bathroom (including tips on how to make it look bigger!)

Just because you have a small bathroom it doesn’t mean that it you can’t make it look stunning! There are several ways to increase the appeal and functionality of your small bathroom (and we’ve also included tips on how to make your bathroom look bigger at the bottom of this post)! 


Setting the Mood

First you will want to set the mood for your bathroom. Do you love an elegant and minimalistic monochromatic look, or do you prefer vibrant colours that energise an entire room? Once you have an overall idea of how you would like your bathroom to look like, you can start working on the next steps, like colours and accessories that will enhance your space.  See some examples below:

Mood: Monochromatic Bathroom - Photo Source: Newline Showers
Mood: Rustic Bathroom - Photo Source: Pinterest
Mood: Boho Bathroom - Photo Source: Pinterest

Choosing the right colours

Choosing the right colour will depend on your personal taste and what you want to achieve with your space. Keep in mind that darker colours will always make your space look smaller, while lighter colours will brighten and make your small bathroom look bigger. 

Replacing Small Things

If you think your vanity is looking a bit old, then nothing like a fresh paint of coat to rejuvenate and bring the life back to this piece (check if you can apply paint to your vanity, as this will depend on the kind of material it is made of).


However, if your vanity has had its days and it is time to be replaced then pedestal sinks and floating vanities work really well with small bathrooms because they take less space than others. There are several types of vanities available in the market, and you can check the best option for your bathroom in your latest article on vanities.  


Replacing old shelfs, or towel racks can also help to elevate the look of your bathroom. 

Creating a Cosy Space in Your Small Bathroom

If you are wanting to make your small bathroom look cosy, then you can:

  • Add plants, in addition to lending style they improve the air quality in your bathroom and help absorb the moisture in it.
  • Add towels that are equally aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable for you. This goes to shower mats as well, which if picked right, can contribute to enhance the overall look of your bathroom as well as prevent you from slipping when you are coming out of the shower. 
  • Buy a cute or pleasant-looking toilet paper dispenser.
  • Make sure your hardware matches or is at least at least similar enough. For example, if you have a brushed brass tap,
    ensure that the towel rods, toilet paper holders or curtain rings have a brushed brass colour/look too or as similar as possible.
  • Keep your bathroom always fragrant with an oil diffuser or light a scented candle from time to time to keep your small bathroom smelling fresh! (Don’t forget to put that candle out!)

Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Add Mirrors

When placed correctly mirrors add shine and reflection to natural light in your bathroom, therefore creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Photo Source: Newline Showers
Photo Source: Newline Showers
Photo Source: Newline Showers

Choose Light Colours

As mentioned, lighter colours will help your small bathroom look more airy and bigger.  Painting your ceiling as the same colour of your walls will create an illusion of more space (as long as they are light colours). If you have mismatched colours like dark walls and a light-coloured ceiling your small bathroom will look even smaller! 

Photo Source: Newline Showers
Photo Source: Newline Showers
Photo Source: Newline Showers

Extend your ceiling

If you have a bit more money to throw into your decoration, you can “expand your ceiling” by making your ceiling look raised.  Installing crown molding around the ceiling and painting at the same colour will make your bathroom look bigger.

Clean your windows regularly

Natural light is always your best friend, especially when it comes to small bathrooms. If your windows and skylights are covered in dirt or moss, make sure to clean your windows to bring in all the natural light that you can. 

Minimise on the decorations

Consider removing unnecessary clutter, specially those that have no use for you in your everyday routine. A small bathroom that is clean and tidy will always look bigger than one that is dirty and cluttered. 

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