Pros and Cons of Channel Drains

A Channel Drain is a great solution for adding a modern and sleek design to your tiled shower.  It is also a practical choice because it allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.  Our Channel Drain offers the option of both stainless-steel cover or a tile insert, which is simply achieved by reversing the channel insert. It is available in various sizes, however, if you require a specific size or waste position, we can custom make to suit! 

Photo Source: Newline Showers

Standard outlet is located in an offset position to provide versatility with installation and assist in the avoidance of intercepting existing floor joists. Although the Channel Drain has numerous benefits and features, just like any product there are cons that may mean this is not the right choice of drainage for your Shower. If you are working within a tighter budget, opting for a channel drain can certainly bump up your costs compared to a standard point waste. 

This certainly comes into effect when relocation of plumbing drainage is required, this is something to consider. While our Channel Drains are designed for easy cleaning, they do require a little extra TLC in comparison to a point waste.

Overall, if your budget allows it, adding a Channel Drain can transform your bathroom and provide a high-end and luxurious showering experience! For beautiful shower channel drains check our options here:

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